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Activated Charcoal Shampoo and Hair Care

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Activated charcoal is an effective tool for cleaning your hair and scalp!

It is important to look into the ingredients that we use in our hair care products.

If you visit the salon for hair treatment, there is an abundance of chemicals that could cause health side effects.

Hair dyes contain P-phenylenediamine that could cause skin irritation.

If you are into permanent wave solutions or “acid perms”, it uses a chemical called glyceryl thioglycolate that can cause skin irritation.

Hair extension work using glue styrene which could cause headaches, skin irritation, or nausea.

The lace wig glue may contain trichlorethylene or dioxane that could cause dermatitis or even more serious problems.

Here are some other nasty chemicals you may find in the regular shampoo.

Before you buy that famous brand of shampoo that’s being advertised everywhere, look in the back for the ingredients list!

Take the time to read PubMed and understand why these chemicals are bad for you.

Do your research.

It is important to remove as many chemicals from your daily routine.

The toxins that we use in our everyday products will build up in our systems.

We need to find healthy alternatives that can help us detoxify but also get the job done.

The scalp is a permeable membrane.

The scalp is constantly absorbing whatever we put on it, whether good or bad chemicals.

Activated Charcoal Hair Products We Recommend

Botanic Hearth Activated Charcoal Shampoo

Botanic Hearth Activated Charcoal Shampoo

This product is 100% paraben-free and sulfate free.

This product is safe for kids!

It uses a mixture of Argan (Moroccan) Oil, Avocado Oil, Jojoba Oil, Camellia Seed Oil.

With all new products, it’s good to test it by putting a small sample on the inside of your elbow area to see if you get any kind of allergic reaction to it.

If you do, then you know this product is not right for you.

Brooklyn Botany Premium Activated Charcoal Shampoo

Brooklyn Botany Premium Activated Charcoal Shampoo

This shampoo uses activated charcoal to detoxify your scalp and thoroughly cleanse the hair thoroughly.

Using activated charcoal also increases volume in your hair. It naturally removes dirt and oil so you can feel lighter and voluminous.

Both products we recommend are made in the USA in a GMP Certified and FDA Registered Facility.

The products are cruelty-free and not tested on animals.

These products are gentle for everyday use!

Amazing Story on Activated Charcoal

How far would you go to prove a point? Would you put your life on the line?

In the year 1831, a professor named Pierre-Fleurus Touéry from Montpellier France decided to test the effectiveness of activated charcoal in an unprecedented experiment.

Touéry performed this test by putting his life at risk in front of an audience.

This experiment was performed in front of the French Academy of Medicine.

Touéry took a dose of strychnine that was 10x higher than what was necessary to be lethal.

Strychnine is a poison sourced from a plant called Strychnos nux-vomica.

You can find this plant in southern Asia.

Today, Strychnine is being used today as a form of pesticide to kill rats.

After taking the Strychnine, Touéry immediately took 15 grams of activated charcoal.

Touéry then stood in front of colleagues as they waited.

Tension filled the room as everyone had no idea what would happen next.

Touéry kept standing and eventually walked out of the whole experiment completely unharmed.

NOTE: We do not recommend anyone doing this experiment.

This lesson teaches us that activated charcoal is an extremely powerful detoxifying agent.

Not only can activated charcoal be consumed as a supplement, but we can also use it topically.

The purpose of this article is to have you reconsider your purchasing decisions for your hair care products.

You can turn your health around by getting the right products.

Children need to reduce their exposure to chemicals.

The products above are safe for kids.

The objective is to reduce the number of harmful chemicals in our everyday products.

Skin irritation is not there by accident.

Our thesis at Facentials is to recommend products that we believe in.

I am constantly on the hunt for great products.

You can leave a comment below on your favorite activated charcoal products.

We want you to experience a reduction in skin irritations or dandruff buildup when switching over to an all-natural solution.

We welcome any feedback on this article.

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