We are bombarded by toxins all around in our environment. We need to purify inside and out. At Facentials, we've identified 3 key areas where purification must be done. These are not frivolous wants but are needs you must start implementing.

Activated Charcoal Supplements
Air Purifiers for Home, Office, and Car
EMF Protection Products

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"We have FOUR dogs in our house. The smallest being 14 lbs. and the largest being 175 lbs. Family stopped coming over because of the doggy odor we went nose blind to. This has solved that. They were very impressed by the difference it made. The largest dog has skin issues that creep up from time to time. When it does, the smell is horrific. This air purifier simply rids us of it spreading throughout the house until we can put treatment on it. It is amazing. I never even heard of this brand of air purifier but rest assured, I will never get any other brand for now on. I’m sold."


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